3rd EKOstyl 2015 Fair Healthy Foods * Lifestyle * EKOfamily

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3rd ECOstyl Fair 2015

Healthy Foods * Lifestyle * EKOfamily


Hala pod Dębowcem, st. Karbowa 26


21 - 22 November, from 10 AM - 6 PM



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Trade EKOstyl 2015 is an industry event of a business, the place of presentation, as well as the promotion of products and services associated with healthy eating and healthy lifestyle, it is also the possibility of direct contact with entities operating in eco trade.

Due to the great interest of companies from
eco trade and the general public fair will be held
in modern Hall under Dębowiec, thereby increasing three times its surface.
The event will consist of three modules taking place at the same time:
  • exposures to organic, natural and regional food - to participate we invite farmers, producers, processors, wholesalers and distributors of organic, traditional Polish and abroad food,
    exhibition of products and services to support an active lifestyle in harmony with nature, including manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics, detergents, textiles, dietary supplements,
    as well as proposals for active recreation;
    exhibition dedicated to women interested in ecological lifestyle and healthy
    and natural products for baby;

    Filed under:

    natural foods, organic, regional products, beverages, dietetics, herbal medicine, gluten-free foods, dietary supplements;
    organic farms, Fair Trade products;
    offer active lifestyle, physical recreation, spa centers and facilities anti-aging, offer rural tourism and sports;
    Ecological woman - clothing; additives from natural materials (linen, cotton, wood), natural cosmetics, ecological, auxiliary;
    Ecological cleaning, spa and spa;
    EKOdziecko - clothes, beauty cosmetics, toys ecological, recreational and sports offer for children;
    literature and the media industry;

    During the fair there will be lectures and conferences, and ways to preserve the health and beauty,
    and a special area will be held tastings paralysis specimens culinary and cosmetic.

    We invite you to lecture v. George finches on "Hidden therapies - what your doctor does not say"
    on 22 November - more.

    Trade shows are promoted by:

    radio advertising;
    newspaper advertising;
    visual advertisements in Silesia - billboards, billboards, banners, posters, leaflets, and a nationwide advertising web portals, sending mailings and invitations;


    It should be in a place where it meets the whole industry!



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