ECOstyl 2016 Fair in Tychy Healthy food * Lifestyle * ECOfamily

ECOstyle Fair 2016
13-15 May 2016
Hala (Exhibition Hall) Stadion Zimowy, de Gaulle'a 2, Tychy

Healthy food – Lifestyle – ECOfamily

We invite you to ECO style Fair 2016
Healthy food  - Lifestyle – Ecofamily
21 – 22 May 2016, Stadion Zimowy

•    ECOstyle Fair 2016  is a branch event of a business character, this is a place to present and promote products and services connected with healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle, it is also a possibility of direct contacts with the entities functioning in the eco-branch.
•    In connection with a great interest  of the eco-branch firms, and wide audience the fair will be held in the modern hall – Stadion Zimowy,  in such a way increasing its area three times.

The fair will consist of three modules taking place simultaneously

•    Exhibition of ecological food, natural and regional.
We invite farmers, producers,  food processing firms, distributors and wholesalers of ecological  and traditional food from Poland and abroad to take part in the fair

•    Exhibition of products and services supporting active lifestyle in harmony with nature , including manufacturers of natural and ecological cosmetics, detergents, textiles, diet supplements, and also offers of active recreation.
•    Exhibition dedicated to women interested in ecological lifestyle, and also healthy and natural products for children .

During the fair there will be lectures and conferences devoted to it and ways of staying healthy and maintaining beauty, and in the special zone sampling and  culinary and  cosmetic shows will take place.

The fair is promoted by
radio advertising,  press advertisement, visual advertising on the territory of the Silesian province: billboards, advertising hoarding, banners, posters, fliers, and national advertising on the internet portals, sending mailing and invitations
Media patronage,,,,,,

It is worth being on the spot, where the whole branch meets!

Thematic scope

Natural ecological food, regional products, beverages, dietetics, phytotherapy, gluten-free food, diet supplements

Organic farms, products of Fair Trade

Offer of active lifestyle, physical recreation, sanatorium centers and anti-age centers, agro-tourism and sports offer

Ecological woman – clothes; accessories from natural materials ( linen, cotton, wood), natural ecological cosmetics, para-pharamceutics, ecological detergents, wellness and SPA offer

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